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"I made F4T a priority because of the environment that was created among us"

May M, Hampton VIC

Testimonials from those impacted by F4T

“I have been blessed to be part of a long line of committed Christians in our family heritage which has positively shaped who I have become and who I have interacted with over the years. I essentially have been born into a faith network from growing up in a Pentecostal Church, and over the years part of Children’s Church, Youth Group and also a full Christian education. Work wise, I am currently in a sales position and fortunate enough to have worked for Brighton BMW for the past 24 years, helping people get into their dream car. I also have my own online/E Commerce business which has just gone live in the USA and about to have the Australian launch late this month.

I was introduced to F4T through John after meeting him after looking after his car when I was managing the service department at Brighton BMW. John and I struck up a relationship over the years and when an opportunity came up to be part of a small group of people meeting over a casual dinner, I was more than happy to be part of it knowing that it involved food, some great people and great life conversations in a casual environment.

Being part of F4T was a great way to help meet people and open up relationships in the local area. I felt like in some small way through creating genuine conversations and relationships that I was able to help connect people who were looking for genuine connections and seeking answers on faith and life. I enjoy when I get to bump into one of the group when out at work or at the local shops and knowing that F4T extends past the time we spent together. It just feels like there is another person out there that I got to connect with on a deeper level and be part of their life.

I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone to host or join a F4T group. It is a genuine relaxing environment with great food and great people who don’t pretend to be anyone other than themselves. It is seriously a pleasure to be part of F4T and the discussions on faith and life are shared in an honest and respectful way with no hint of intimidation.”

David W

Sales Consultant, BMW Brighton

“I help kids with disabilities and injuries at my studio in Sandringham, as well as anybody else who wishes to improve their life.

I’ve always had faith for as long as I can remember and a sense of feeling close with God. However, I didn’t know much about the gospel and wanted to learn more.

I was always seeking something more in-depth and personal than a large church.
Then, miraculously about six years ago, John Sikkema walked into my gym.
Needless to say, we developed a great friendship and we discussed beginning F4T.
It’s a fantastic intimate night with dinner, a small group of great people and watching Alpha. We now also have special guest speakers, which is riveting.

Three years on and my life is blessed with love and positivity. I am also closer to God every day. I highly recommend F4T for anyone who wants to fast track their relationship with God.”

Vic C

Exercise Physiologist, Sandringham

“Sue Sikkema, who is a friend of mine, invited me to the group several years ago when it first started with a barbecue at their home.

“I could see Sue and John they were caring people with a strong faith who made me feel comfortable and welcome.

“I have been part of the group ever since. I am a sensitive person for whom English is a second language and who works long hours as a business owner.

“I made Food 4 Thought a priority because of the environment that was created among us. Strong relationships have been built between us.

“I have felt comfortable to share and have loved the teaching.”

May M

Acupuncturist, Hampton

“I met John Sikkema about two years ago when he spoke at a business event at our church.

We caught up later and I discovered he lived nearby. I felt a real connection, and he invited me to his F4T group.

I have loved the deep sense of connection that we have been able to enjoy. Doing fellowship and building relationship together over a meal is simple but profound.

Everyone is made to feel welcome and treated with great love and respect. There is no agenda other than connecting in an authentic way, very much coming back to the heart of God of sharing together over a meal.

My faith has definitely grown as a result of the group. It has been a real stabilising influence on me, particularly during the pandemic.”

Phil M

Funds Manager, Melbourne